Design/Build Remodeling and Renovaton

front porch 1Most of the initial conversations we have with our clients start out with something like “we aren’t sure what we want but we think we need help with ______”.  We take pride in our ability to begin with an idea and mold it into a feasible plan and bring it to fruition with a completed project on time and within budget.  Through the planning process we filter through numerous ideas and optons and arrive on a plan that fits the homeowners needs and budget.

We then formalize the plans, acquire necessary permits, and install the project as planned.  As projects progress it is often desired or necessary to make changes from the original concept.  Our long standing relationships with all the design people involved make it easy to adjust mid stream to make changes that improve the overall project. balcony 2 We are a design/build firm because it is important to have the contractor and all the people involved in design and engineering to be familiar with each other to avoid delays that will ultimately arise when you have unfamiliar people trying to deal with each other on a tight time line.

We believe that it is in the clients best interest to have  InHouse Remodel control the process from design to implementation.  This assures that all the parties are on the same page with the added benefit of having long standing relationships with all the members of the project team.full kitchen 4stairs-2patio-extension